Soma was born in 1988 .
Primary and secondary school in the town of Balikesir Gonen has been completed.
In 2006, Abant Izzet Baysal University , Department of Painting Teacher input.
In 2010 Abant Izzet Baysal University, graduated from the Painting Department of Education .
In 2011 Ünversitesi Balikesir Faculty of Fine Arts Graduate Program of the Department of Arts and Crafts won .
Graduate education continues.
2013 , " Impressions of Life " paintings, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Center Aircraft Sami Day Art Gallery , Bursa.
In 2013 , Turkey Art Event Group , "meeting IV - Izmir" Group Exhibition , Izmir State Art and Sculpture Museum and Gallery Director Turgut Pura Hall , London.
2013 , Fatih vesanat Culture organized by the Association " growing with the Environment " has participated in konulures contest . Work " Corlu State Hospital Art Beautification Project" is on display in the hospital building .
2013 , 4th Printing Group " Printmaking and Book plates " Exhibition, Rector of Uludag University Art Gallery, Bursa .
2012, Traditional III. International Exhibition and Symposium "2012 ART PROJECT" , the Italian Cultural Center, Istan